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Since 2008 this is the question I have heard a lot, “Why Mandarin Chinese?” and to be honest I don’t have an answer to that myself, but my response has always been and ” Why not Mandarin Chinese” and people will always look at me and think am crazy.

Born to a family where both my parents spoke German and my brother studied French, I believe there is a part of me that wanted to be totally different and do something out of the norm. In 2008 I wanted to do a language and I inquired at a French institution I took the brochures and I knew that I’ll be joining classes soon. As I walked down the stairs out of that institution, I saw a lorry with Chinese Characters 汉字 on it and that is were my journey with Chinese Mandarin started. It’s like my eyes were opened, all of a sudden I noticed that one of our local TV and Radio channels had 30 minutes sessions of learning Mandarin.

End of 2008 I had done Mandarin Chinese for 3 months and to be honest it felt amazing, I really felt satisfied. Through that I managed to get a scholarship to China and there is another whole post on it’s own, keep it locked will definitely share that experience.

Now to answer the question ” Why Mandarin Chinese?”

Mandarin Chinese is just like any other language it needs Heart, Perseverance, Determination, Hard Work and Love.

Why I learned Mandarin Chinese?

  • It has been one of the tools used to help me find an answer to ” why on earth was I created?”
  • It has been really useful to help improve my Self- image.
  • Now I have reason to wake up in the morning and to bless someone’s life.

I don’t know why you do what you do, but you need to evaluate your life and do something you love. For the first time in your life, step out and be UNIQUE because you are. All things are possible.



  1. Laoshi thank you, its more than a class it’s a discovery!

  2. Dears,

    Am based in Mombasa. l really need to learn mandarin like yesterday. Kindly assist on where to find help.Where l would easily find help,say that they do not have enough quorum yet

    Much appreciated.

  3. Am interested in learning mandarin language like yesterday. l see a lot.. of opportunities in it

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