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“Learning at Discovery Chinese has been very unique for me. As I was learning Mandarin Chinese I also learned about myself. As an adult learner i really enjoyed the sessions. I appreciated the patience that my teachers had in walking with me through this process. I learned or discovered how to condition myself  to be like a baby, toddler and a young child so that I may learn without blaming or judging myself. My lessons were well tailored to accommodate my needs. I also felt encouraged by my teachers to go beyond the confines of a curriculum. I was free and most welcome to experiment and be creative to improve my learning. The Centre for me, was like family. i highly rate their method of teaching.”

Lilian Kimani

“I have been studying Chinese for  3 years now. I have learnt abilities that i didn’t know i had. I Love speaking Chinese and having trainers like the ones in Discovery Chinese you wouldn’t want to stop. I thank God for this centre and more so the trainers.

Mary Nyacuru


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