Faith Wanjiku Hiuhu

Faith Wanjiku Hiuhu

Faith Wanjiku Hiuhu is the Director of Discovery Chinese Cultural Center since 2011!

Faith has had vast experience as a teacher, formerly a teacher of English and Literature with the Teacher Service Commission.

Served as a teacher of Chinese language and culture at Kenyatta University Confucius Institute from 2010-2016. She also has a huge experience in the field of Translation and interpretation.

Faith studied Chinese language and culture from Shandong Normal University- China 山东师范大学!

Discovery Chinese Cultural Center also  comprises of Local Kenyan Chinese teachers and Native Chinese teachers. Our local teachers are part-time and have studied in China and acquired a wide experience in teaching Chinese as a Second language. Our Local teachers have had experience in teaching Chinese language in Leading Universities in Kenya.

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Alice is one of our Wonderful teachers, having studied Chinese in Nairobi University and then furthered her studies in China. She has good experience in teaching beginner’s Chinese to our students. Alice is loved by her students and they all enjoy her classes!


Ms. Melody – Ms. Melody is a Chinese Native who is involved in Part-time teaching in our center. She takes the students through {口语} spoken Chinese in order to build in fluency of our students!

DENNIS RUNGURUA has recently joined our well equipped personnel, he joins as a teacher in practice, his role is mainly to assist the students in writing of Chinese characters! He has a background in Chinese language and culture, having learnt Chinese in Shandong Normal University!