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Learn Chinese Language

Discovery Chinese cultural center

Importance of studying Chinese Language in Kenya

Studying a foreign language might be one of the best decisions you can ever make as an individual. Learning a foreign language comes with many benefits including:

  • It boosts your  brain power.
  • Exposes you to new cultures, people and probably travel.
  • Extensive improvement to your Curriculum Vitae.
  • Boosts your confidence
  • Ability to do business.
  • Your brain remains sharp even at old age.
  • Ability to multitask.

So what foreign language should I learn?

If you’re considering studying a foreign language in Kenya you should choose the Chinese Language.  For one, a fifth of the entire planet speaks Chinese, more so Mandarin Chinese, Chinese first tongue language, is spoken by almost a billion people which places it at the top of widely spoken first languages in the world.

If you’re not yet convinced maybe the fact that china is in fact the world’s second largest economy may change your perspective.

Or better yet the fact that China is not only  among the largest trading centers but their language is the most influential language in the countries of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, The Philippines and Mongolia.

Studying Chinese thus should be understood as one of the most beneficial activities one can involve themselves in.


Good news:   You can easily study Chinese in Kenya !

The good news is that now you can easily study Chinese in Kenya, this in part has been brought about by the large number of Chinese in Kenya.

If you’re looking to learn this massive culture and their language look no further than Discovery Chinese cultural center. We offers lessons in basic mandarin Chinese (Pinyin) that can offer you the required knowledge to sit for HSK exams basically in all levels.

It’s about time you took that initiative and decided to study Chinese, more so at fair affordable prices right here in Discovery Chinese cultural center, Nairobi.

A key thing to remember is the added benefit of learning a new language and adopting it in your day to day life, it makes you versatile and more experienced at least as far as networking and travelling is concerned.


Its not just a language its a culture

If you think more closely on the subject you will see that if you study Chinese your scope widens and you become introduced to important fields such as politics, economy, history and even archaeology.

China as a country has recorded exemplary development and economic growth unrivaled all over the world. The country more recently has started opening up to the rest of the world, in opening up their language has also been able to permeate the entire globe. The country has rich history which is archived in its large sets and numbers of books, novels, poetry, and drama and in more recent time’s film and TV.

Understanding their culture and heritage can be achieved directly by learning the language. Learning the culture and heritage of a country which has been able to rise above expectations and surprise the entire world is quite a privilege not to mention a rare opportunity in ones path of finding success.


The Chinese culture makes you a better person by promoting positive values.

The Chinese culture is also well known for what it promotes, the culture promotes values, struggles and joys and sorrows of its people while also highlighting what its purpose is; to bring togetherness and unity.

The language will actually improve your character not to mention your artistic talents, calligraphy based on Chinese characters is one of the most beloved style of art all over the world, learning the language can ensure you grow and become a better artist who can communicate great and powerful messages using the art of calligraphy while using Chinese characters.

The Chinese population is quickly growing in Kenya.

A lot of infrastructure ranging from buildings to our very own Thika Super highway is a project undertaken or at least managed by the Chinese.

The country has developed close diplomatic ties with our own and translators and generally people with an understanding of the language are being required in greater numbers every single day.

The future of infrastructure is limitless and the future of our relationship as a country with China can only grow in strength. An individual with at least good command of their language and culture can be pivotal person bridging the language and culture branch and in the process playing a huge role.


Here is how to Learn Chinese language in Kenya:

This should be your wake up call, to get up and visit Discovery Chinese cultural center, review their classes and enroll to study Chinese now. In the long run you’ll appreciate the role that Chinese as a language will play in even bettering your life in general.

Maybe you might be fighting and juggling with the actual idea of learning Chinese language, but what I can say is that the center’s track record speaks for itself, ranging from the number of satisfied customers to even the number of people who have acquired gainful employment through the center’s recommendations.

All in all take that step of faith and courage step into the world of discovering the world’s most prominent culture and become a Discovery Chinese Cultural center’s student today!!

Contact us here Discovery Chinese Cultural center


About Shikuh muoriah

The Director and main teacher of Discovery Chinese cultural center, an effective way in ensuring that your Chinese language needs are met!


  1. Lo mejor es que te vendan juegos de segunda mano con online codes usados más caros que el juego nuevo con online cod.lOeé sus huevos.


  2. Looking forward to learning Chinese very soon…am a businessman and most of my products are imported from China though through middlemen but am thinking on venturing there myself but the language might be problem so need to learn it as a business necessity!

    1. Peter Kimathi, your much welcome to come and study in our center, a comfortable stress free environment, we shall meet your language needs as you desire. You will only need to inform us which are your specific areas of interest and we shall be able to assist you. thanks

    2. Hi Peter, Are you still interested in learning Chinese, we are now having our September intake ongoing, kindly send me your number so we can call you. i will send you the brochure on your email! thanks

  3. Hi, where exactly in the CBD are your offices based?

    1. Hi Steve, we are located on Koinange street, Kenya House complex, 2nd floor, room S13. Your much welcome to inquire with us, i will send you our brochure. Thanks

  4. Please I would like to learning Chinese, I come from Mombasa Kenya.

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