Discovery Chinese cultural center as a Thorn!

Shikuh muoriah/ August 22, 2017/ blog/ 0 comments

It kept disturbing, i felt i needed it out! the thorn had to be removed otherwise it would not give me any peace, searched for it and when i got it, i knew i would not keep it hidden, i had to affect others with it, ensure i help them understand Mandarin and the Chinese people…Discovery is not a replica

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Learn Chinese language in Kenya

Shikuh muoriah/ February 7, 2017/ blog/ 8 comments

  Importance of studying Chinese Language in Kenya Studying a foreign language might be one of the best decisions you can ever make as an individual. Learning a foreign language comes with many benefits including: It boosts your  brain power. Exposes you to new cultures, people and probably travel. Extensive improvement to your Curriculum Vitae. Boosts your confidence Ability to

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